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Three-toed sloths are very difficult to keep in captivity, says Bryson Voirin, a pygmy sloth expert who has been working on sloth conservation in Panama for 10 years.
The only exception was among three-toed sloths, which show early bone-formation in the bodies of their distal, ribless neck vertebrae, before those of the ribcage.
ALTHOUGH Bill seems to have completely missed the formation of the Premier League in 1992, he hasn't missed the point that a stream of 1-3 shots from New market mopping up moderate northern maidens is about as much of a draw for the average spectator as a greyhound taking on a field of three-toed sloths.
Two-toed sloths, for one, have darker brown coats than the three-toed varieties, while maned three-toed sloths have darker brown heads and necks than other three-toed sloths.