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TICK, contracts. Credit; as, if a servant usually buy for the master upon tick, and the servant buy something without the master's order, yet, if the master were trusted by the trader, he is liable. 1 Show. 95; 3 Keb. 625; 10 Mod. 111; 3 Esp. R. 214; 4 Esp. R. 174.

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India accounts for a significant share of the world's livestock resources with approximately 199 million cattle and 105 million buffaloes (6), most of which are suffering from multi-species tick infestations (7) with an estimated control cost of US$ 498.
Therefore, the objective of this study was to determine the perceptions and knowledge of farmers' livelihoods and cattle adaptation to heat stress and tick infestation.
2007) modeled the impact of different levels of tick infestations and concluded that blood loss associated with moderate to severe infestations of winter ticks would have measurable and substantial impact on energy and protein balance, and cause anemia and possible mortality of moose calves.
Vita-Rack 26 has been proven to control tick infestations of whitetails through a synergistic reaction of at least seven B vitamins and specially formulated minerals.
SHEEP producers are being urged to protect their flocks from lice and tick infestations this lambing season.
In Scotland, bad weather and tick infestations led to shoots in many areas being severely curtailed or called off.
But in Scotland, bad weather and tick infestations have meant that shoots in many areas have been severely reduced or cancelled completely.
Some wading bird chicks as young as three weeks old have been discovered with heavy tick infestations.
In Merida, Nicaragua, the potential for infection of horses by tickborne pathogens is a concern because of the horses' often poor body condition and heavy tick infestations.
the first and only, monthly, beef-flavored chew for the treatment of flea and tick infestations in dogs.