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Some photos also show that two fuel tanks were moved to different locations by the tidal waves.
The JMA will cooperate in drawing up training scenarios and relaying information, including the epicenter of the hypothetical tremor and the height of tidal waves, in the first such coordinated international effort.
A tidal wave of over two metres flooded parts of Jakarta overnight as the city government and citizens raced to hold the water back with emergency embankments, a government official said.
In the very beginning, tidal waves hit daily, sometimes hourly,'' Briones said.
Examiner readers were today urged to dig deep to help the victims of the Asian tidal wave horror.
After the first tidal wave hit, only three of the 15 villas remained standing.
I saw the tidal waves hit at least three times,'' he said, adding that the waves swept away children and houses.
Fisherman Zulkfli Mohd Noor, 42, and his wife lost their five children to the tidal waves.
9 on the Richter scale as the world's most powerful earthquake in 40 years- rocked large parts of the region Sunday, triggering tidal waves and killing thousands of people.
The new series underlines the threat of natural disasters such as tidal waves, hurricanes and freak storms.
Rainer Zahn, professor of marine geology at Cardiff University, said tidal waves were a very real threat to Wales but should not cause people to have sleepless nights.
Tidal waves at Yonagunijima Island reached up to 10 centimeters and up to 5 cm in Ishigakijima Island.