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The tidal wave swamped areas near the coast for a few hours, leaving hundreds of people stranded in their homes, but the main highway leading to the airport was not affected.
At that moment a tidal wave came in and swept him straight out to sea.
26 Kyodo - At least 497 people were killed Sunday in Indonesia's Sumatra Island after a major earthquake off the island triggered a tidal wave, local military, government and hospital officials said.
Zulkifli said his family was collecting fish left stranded on the seabed when the sea water was briefly sucked out to sea before coming pounding back in the tidal waves.
Tonight we hear about the tsunami - an unstoppable tidal wave.
PARTS of South Wales could be wiped out by a giant tidal wave, the National Assembly has been warned.
The tidal wave warning was issued based on a new system introduced in 1999 that divides coasts nationwide into 66 forecast areas, with forecasts of expected tidal waves sectioned into eight levels ranging from 50 cm to over 10 meters.
EARLIER this year the media reported how scientists believed Britain may be threatened by a monster tidal wave predicted to devastate the coasts of Florida and Brazil, following a volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands.
Pinkel already knows that the ridge can spur serious tidal waves.
The city, in which Cleopatra had a palace, sank more than 1,600 years ago after a series of earthquakes and tidal waves.
Beard added that many English-speakers think of large waves as tidal waves but a tsunami has nothing to do with tides or harbors.
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