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As a result of the tight market in 2014, the report said that Asian spot prices could rise above last winter's highs of almost $20 per million British thermal units (mmBtu) this winter, up from a current price of $18.
Almost immediately after hundreds of illegal workers were rounded up, creating an actual tight market, Swift & Company officials increased wages by $1.
With such tight market conditions, and few quality availabilities, firms searching for space must explore all possibilities from existing buildings to new construction," said Jeff Shell, senior managing director at Cushman & Wakefield.
It's a tight market that will only get tighter as more and more people retire," says Wenzl.
This is an exceptionally tight market with limited commercial space availability and strong demand from institutional medical and educational users who find the location very desirable.
A lot of people have gone into apartments because they can't afford to own a home, so it's creating a tight market.
The variance from Encore's previous expectations is due to several factors, including lower non-operated and royalty interest volumes in the ArkLaTex area, delays due to the tight market for services in the Mid-Continent and West Texas and various drilling and completion issues.
Working with a broker in the current tight market, for example, will put you on a better footing when negotiating with a prospective landlord.
They were frustrated that they couldn't find what they were looking for out here, which reiterates the tight market we've got,'' he said.
Independent oil and natural gas producers can utilize Network's full service, compliant solution for selling surplus equipment, as well as using Network as an alternate source for buying equipment in a tight market.
And in a tight market like New York, a lot of people get hurt.
7-month supply, but that is still considered a tight market.