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1975): Archaeocyatha provenant de blocs erratiques des tillites de Dwyka (Afrique de Sud).
131) recounted the 1952 Geological Society of America field trip to the so-called Squantum Tillite near Boston, the focus of earlier debate between Coleman and Wegener in the 1920s.
In Eastern Salt Range Tobra Formation is characterized by tillites, while in Western Salt Range Clay and sandstone with boulders are main constituents of Tobra Formation where as in the Central Salt Range it is represented by alternating facies of shales and boulders[2].
Other possible minor sources of amphibolite are Early Permian glacial tillites which occur near Lithgow on the western side of the Blue Mountains, in the central Hunter Valley, and in the Shoalhaven region.
The underlying geological units are metamorphic and feature a steeply bedded stratigraphy of resistant interbedded tillites forming the spine (Ward Hill, Appila Formation); quartzite shales and massive quartzites in the upper slope; less resistant, fine-grained siltstones, mudstones, and shales in the lower slope (Tindelpina Shales); and Quaternary alluvial deposits in the valley floor that mantle Tapley Hill slates and siltstones (Geological Survey of South Australia 1964).
Key point 2: Vast areas of tills and tillites in arctic parts and adjacent areas of the Earth, together with debris in mountaneous and arid regions in other climatic belts, contain immense volumes of chemically almost intact phyllosilicates.