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Indeed, the elevation of the consonant yields a timbral tool unique to the singer (though one hopes that an instrumentalist will follow the singer's lead and echo the text's colors).
Other integral factors, such as timbral quality (choice of instruments, technical use of instruments), use of dynamics, articulation and other expressive markings, other tonal features such as intervallic relations, suspensions and resolutions, and rhythmic devices including motifs, intensity and repetition, play a large part in portraying meaning and supporting visual imagery for the listener.
For example, timbral characteristics inherent in a particular
the timbral qualities of their voice, weren't what I would expect from the genre.
Louis Langree (as he had in London) paced the score admirably while savoring its ear-catching timbral palette.
Perhaps the epitome of this post-modern possession occurred when reality rap sandwiched dissonant pitch combinations and clashing timbral values into a sonic "assault-scape" incapable of representation or categorization by the Western-trained ear (Krims, 2000, 73).
It is set to a music by a local ensemble, the Timbral Hut.
Another utilizes timbral opposition: for example, slaps in lieu of open tones.
They are different from conventional sound systems because they acquire the timbral sound of the materials of which they are made, and diffuse sound homogenously across surfaces.
Not only did the church organist have at his or her fingertips a range of timbral choices provided by the console and pedals, many organists displayed exceptional levels of improvisatory practice in early Anglican church music.
The timbral descriptors yield average values for the environmental sounds in the experiments.
Pepper, the Beatles' timbral developments, although always innovative, become truly remarkable.