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The timbres are such an essential part of the discourse, they are so truly the condition of a sincere feeling, that one could not be negligent in the choice of it without falling infallibly into error.
Martienssen combats Tetzel's theses, opposing to the point of view of acoustics, the point of view of psychology; although physics refutes the idea that the piano might get a variety of timbres at one and the same sound intensity, however, the pianist, aiming by means of "his creative hearing" at a particular timbre, must play as if this were possible (Pitis & Minei 1982: 15).
Ces timbres, devraient incarner la pensee et la tendance culturelles de la poste, qui se declare comme etant un temoin des evenements importants survenus au Royaume, tout au long des annees passees.
446 faux timbres fiscaux dont 46 de 300 dirhams chacun, 7.
com, en los sistemas Aspel se configura el servicio y al grabar una factura, automaticamente via Internet se gestiona el timbre digital para que en cuestion de milisegundos se tenga el CFDI.
Multidimensional perceptual scaling of musical timbres.
Les questions d'identite et d'economie doivent etre vues dans un contexte colonial et les timbres amphoriques ainsi que les inscriptions peintes en Bretagne sont etudies a la lumiere de la theorie sociale post-coloniale.
Working with small ensembles and exotic timbres such as marimba, lute, Chinese two-string fiddle, steel drums, and bassoon, Merritt fashions a colorful universe that's more like a demented whirl through Disneyland's "It's a Small World" than an everyday stroll down Broadway.
For those of us organists who do play this piece, it's endlessly fascinating to see the way Elgar manages and uses the various timbres of the orchestra, just as he might have mixed diapasons, organ strings, flutes, mixtures and reeds.
Words such as "rich," "bright" or "brilliant," which sometimes are used to describe sound, are somewhat subjective, but a physical phenomenon occurs when the hammer strikes the string, creating different qualities or timbres of sound.
Through a process called Montage Voice Technology, Index and partner Japan Acoustic Laboratory have created vocal timbres they say are reasonable approximations of what the real thing would have sounded like.
The manuscript melody points up the longevity of timbres in the milieux where complaintes circulated.