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Ces timbres, devraient incarner la pensee et la tendance culturelles de la poste, qui se declare comme etant un temoin des evenements importants survenus au Royaume, tout au long des annees passees.
446 faux timbres fiscaux dont 46 de 300 dirhams chacun, 7.
They could use sound quality, timbre and pitch to perfection.
While key speed controls dynamics and timbre, key release governs articulation.
The manuscript melody points up the longevity of timbres in the milieux where complaintes circulated.
There's the sunny environs of Rockers Hi-Fi's Mish Mash, which tweak the genre's gloomy timbres with a snippet of "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
Its exotic scales seem out of tune to Western ears, the unusual timbres of its instruments alienate some, and Asian vocal practice is far removed from that of the West.
Ces timbres poste representent respectivement des pieces d'art prehistorique, en l'occurrence, [beaucoup moins que] un char au galop volant [beaucoup plus grand que] en provenance de Tamadjert [beaucoup moins que] Tassili N'Aadjer [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] une tete de belier [beaucoup plus grand que], en provenance de Tamentit, dans la wilaya d'Adrar, et [beaucoup moins que] un betyle anthropomorphe [beaucoup plus grand que], de Tabelbalet [beaucoup plus grand que], a Tassili N'Ajjer.
Les tampons europeens ont ete par la suite remplaces par ceux egyptiens et le transfert des lettres ainsi que l'emission de timbres sont devenus, des lors, l'apanage du gouvernement egyptien.
Acoustic guitars, muffled drums, and hushed tenor vocals form the backbone of these ditties, yet prominent incorporation of weird timbres ("Shift" features what sounds like a scratchy gramophone recording of a piano) and eerie studio F/X place Grizzly Bear in the same echelon as art-damaged psychedeli-folkies like Devendra Banhart.
He is now universally recognized as having expanded the vast range of possibilities in terms of the sounds and timbres produced by the electric guitar.