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Visit Symmetricom at the event to learn more about the comprehensive line of time synchronization solutions available for the power industry.
The 3300 Water MTU, the latest in the Series 3000, also can take hourly, time-stamped readings in addition to providing time synchronization.
com/, providing a wealth of information on network time servers, time synchronization and network time keeping information.
Jeffry Dwight, president of Greyware Automation Products, the leading provider of time synchronization, management, and auditing software for Windows, noted, "We chose the SyncServer 350 to develop the PTP support in the Domain Time II software.
GE s Digital Energy business is the first protective-relay company to have a complete 1588-capable solution for time synchronization of protection and substation-automation control devices.
Having successfully utilized Symmetricom's hydrogen maser clock, as well as two TymServe 2100s and two NTS-200s network time servers, NPL's selection of Domain Time II time synchronization software to monitor the time servers came easy.
The first FSMLabs Enterprise solution to be released is RTTimeSync, a product that provides highly reliable sub-microsecond time synchronization capabilities for datacenters, even in the event of intermittent network connectivity.
Tenders are invited for design drawing submission fabrication supply supervision installation pre commissioning checks testing relay settings training commissioning supervision of 1st time synchronization for each generator on 6.
TimeCreator[TM] 1000 is a network time synchronization system specifically designed for cable television communications networks, enabling reliable and precise time and frequency network synchronization that will support new broadband cable services.
Compatibility of the S200 with Avaya Communications Manager speeds time synchronization deployments and assures Symmetricom customers of compatibility with their Avaya solution.