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The main concern was to develop an analysis system that could categorize all possible statements made to players during time-outs.
DIAGRAM 1 SITUATION GAME RULES TEAM RULES * 30-second time-out Teams must remain standing on playing court * 60-second time-out 1st buzzer will sound at 15 sec remaining * 1st/3rd Qtr Breaks * Halftime Clock starts when referees leave floor; Length may differ due to media or venue festivities
This gave the Cardinals a fresh set of downs, but with little time on the clock and no time-outs left they needed to get into the end zone to win the game.
You may be forced to use your time-outs to save enough time for your offense.
There was no real need to take time-outs between tunes, either.
A player is allowed five time-outs per match but no more than three per frame.
Among several radical ideas (more video technology, compressing all internationals into five weeks at the end of the season, etc), the one that stands out is his call for time-outs.
Game scenarios such as this focus on the strategic issue of time-outs.
The change will give coaches three full-length time-outs and two 20-second time-outs during a regulation game.
All data is captured: from the number and type of keystrokes to error messages and time-outs.
Security with role-based access control, logs, encryption and time-outs
The injury-hit Cypriot then called for two medical time-outs in the fourth set but he somehow dug deep into his reserves of physical and mental energy to grind down Mackin in a match that lasted four hours and 20 minutes.
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