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Gwynedd Council intend to spend a lot of money on a museum in Bangor and hold staff meetings in a hotel in Caernarfon, yet cannot find money to enable the good people of Gwynedd to have a bus time-table, a necessity enjoyed over the years and still part and parcel of every day travel by the rest of the inhabitants of other North Wales councils.
However, according to the working time-table, available only to railway staff, the train we expected to catch was not running.
What about the councillors taking up the cudgel on their behalf and insisting on a bus time-table, or is it the officials that rule the roost?
Babies should arrive in their own time, not to fit in with a career mum's time-table.
The enfant terrible of Scotland's merchant banking community, Bill McCall, has drawn my attention to the newly-published time-table for Edinburgh-Glasgow, which comes into effect on September 26.
The final selection of projects will ultimately depend on a variety of factors including the cost of the projects, construction time-table and the forecasted return.
The Admission Certificates along with Syllabi and Time-Table etc.
The workers will meet today to discuss a time-table for the strikes.
Rain Check, introduced in the Taiwan School System, is a software program to integrate a PC-based GSM modem to BioTouch's network for sending out SMS messages based on a time-table.
The final feasibility time-table is targeted to permit the planning of the development to production during 2002, subject to a positive feasibility study.
With the aggressive implementation time-table that we set ourselves for NETA readiness and Caminus' extensive strategic consulting experience, we felt that Caminus was the best organisation to provide British Energy with very strong capabilities in trading and risk management methodology and tools.
The agreement creates a mechanism to resolve differences of opinion and has a definite time-table which should lead to a final labor agreement by July 18, 1995.