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Existing or taking place within the designated period; seasonable.

A legal action is timely filed, for example, when it is brought within the time period set by the Statute of Limitations.

The meaning of the term timely must, in a number of situations, be determined on the basis of the facts and circumstances of each individual case. Courts have extensive discretion in determining whether a particular party has acted in a timely manner in filing papers, serving notices, or bringing motions in a legal action.


adj. within the time required by statute, court rules or contract. Example: a notice of appeal is required to be filed within 60 days of the entry of judgment, so a notice filed on the 61st day is not "timely."

See: apposite, appropriate, favorable, felicitous, fitting, opportune, prompt, propitious, punctual, seasonable, suitable
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Respondents pointed to a lack of management focus, insufficient understanding of the process, a dearth of written policies and procedures and lack of training as challenges affecting their ability to sustain a timely and accurate account reconciliation process.
3%) and timely and effective communication from their property manager/management firm (53.
It was found not to include a timely filing requirement in the case of Angloo-Am.
This recent decision should serve to place both owners and tenants on notice that a tenant's failure to timely respond to an offer of renewal, if vigorously pursued by the owner in the courts, can result in the strict application of the law and potential recovery of possession of the housing accommodation.
However, if the insured develops health problems or an illness that causes the policy's FMV to be greater than zero, he or she should timely file a gift return and allocate exemption against that year's premiums and begin filing gift returns annually thereafter.
the Civil Court awarded a final judgment of possession to the owner, finding that a tenant's personal financial difficulties did not constitute a legally cognizable excuse for failing to timely pay rent.
Situation 2: P timely filed a request for a four-month automatic extension to file a 1997 return.
When a corporation fails to qualify as an S corporation solely because its election was not timely filed.
Without timely access to this information, the intense time and review pressures of today's regulatory environment force lenders to "push the button" by default and commence litigation.
However, its information returns were filed late; the IRS maintains that Section 530(a)(1)(B) reporting consistency requires returns to be timely filed.