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Gail Bennet, a ten-year professional in the timesharing industry and Holiday's Director of Sales, conducted the seminar.
It was a lively exchange of questions and information from the basics of timesharing to some insider secrets.
AS/400 timesharing will provide a lower cost alternative to buying additional machines for development or housing of valuable data and source code.
It turned out that the company had been under investigation as a resale scam by both TimeSharing Today and the Florida Bureau of Timeshares.
We are excited about the potential that leveraging USA Interactive's unique assets and distribution channels holds for the future of timesharing and our company," said Craig M.
The evaluations are available through Resort Report Cards published in TimeSharing Today, a news magazine covering all aspects of vacation ownership.
Based on this and other emerging trends, timesharing coupled with exchange should experience continuing growth around the world and become an increasingly more important sector of the travel and tourism industry.
It enables users to connect to a Secure Shell-compatible timesharing host, including the University's main servers Gladstone, Darkwing and Oregon.
Through Grupo Situr, the company develops, owns and manages integrated resort complexes, urban residential developments, hotels and timesharing operations.
Fagin has held additional high-level positions including senior vice president of Windata, a spread spectrum wireless local area networking company; president of Xyvision, an electronic publishing firm; and Vice President, Marketing and Sales, of On-Line Systems, a computer timesharing services company.
The entrance of the major hotel chains -- Marriott, Hilton and Disney -- into timesharing has had an enormous impact on how consumers and those involved in the travel industry view timesharing.
He began his career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where he did development and research into database management systems and led the development of one of the first complete relational DBMSs, for the scientific timesharing community.