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On the future challenges for the sector, Mr Tinger highlighted the realities of online and mobile refraction, the impact of OCT developments, and the fast-paced changes in contact lens and ophthalmic lens technology.
This is a very timely and important piece of work, with online and mobile digital health technologies developing at an exponential rate," said Mr Tinger.
Comverse Technology earns a strong buy rating from Tinger, who believes that the company will become a leading provider of wireless Internet technologies.
NASDAQ: PPOD) will be discussed by FAC/Equities CFA, Herbert Tinger, on RadioWallStreet Wednesday, December 8, 1999 at 2:30 PM EST, Investor Broadcast Network announced.
First Albany analyst Herbert Tinger told Standard & Poor's he thinks the news indicated that the tone of business at INTV remains extremely strong.
Those admitted to the freedom of the company at the event included Alan Tinger, executive chairman of the LOC Support Unit, (pictured with the new master of the WCSM, Dr Christine Tomkins).
LOCSU chairman, Alan Tinger, responded that it will ultimately be up to exhibitors to decide which of the growing number of shows to attend.
Speaking about LOCSU's decision, chair of the Unit, Alan Tinger, said: "Unfortunately, the legal advice we received made it clear that such a challenge would have been fruitless.
LOCSU chairman, Alan Tinger (pictured right), said: "The DVLA has made it clear to us that our bid was the highest scorer in terms of quality and by implication therefore we lost out on price.
LOCSU chairman, Alan Tinger (pictured, right), said: "The DVLA has helpfully agreed to look at, and comment on, LOCSU's grounds for a legal challenge in advance of LOCSU incurring the costs of such a challenge.
Reflecting on the bid, LOCSU's Alan Tinger is quick to point out that over 2,000 practices, ranging from 'part-time independent practices to large multiples', had expressed an interest in getting involved in the service.