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While Mukarugwiza spoke, a sea of people in tattered clothing, many of them visibly weakened by their trek, gathered around one of the first foreigners they have laid eyes on since fleeing Tingi Tingi 11 days ago under a hail of bullets.
Tingi Valley is a porphyry gold/copper target similar in geology and size and on trend with the Ok Tedi Mine, a world-class gold and copper producer.
Estas son: Mellaria, Baelo, Iulia Traducta, Carteia, Oba, Barbesula, Lacipo, SeptemFratres, Tamuda, Tingi y Iulia Constantia Zilil.
97) Ahmad Siraj, "Les villes antiques de lAfrique du Nord a partir de la 'Description' de Jean Leon l'Africain," in LAfrica romana: Atti del IX Convegno di studio, Nuoro, 13-15 dicembre 1991 (Sassari, 1992), 903-38; Siraj, "Note sur l'urbanisme de Tanger," 221-9; Siraj, "De Tingi a Tandja," 281-302; Zumbo, "Gli spazi di relazione," 139-40, 144, 146 (cited here to illustrate the commonplace character of the structural assumptions; Zumbo unfortunately does not cite any sources).
The Awas Tingi filed a case at the Inter-American Commission, alleging that the government violated their rights to cultural integrity, religion, equal protection and participation in government.
Wantok is currently conducting an extensive geophysical and trenching program on its advanced 631-square-kilometer Tingi Valley property in the Western Highlands region of Papua New Guinea.
Dos precedentes adicionales muestran esta tendencia: en el caso de la Comunidad Mayaqna (Sumo) Awos Tingi us.
It is still very much a part of the Filipino community where the stores act as a pantry extension, credit or 'pa-lista' is given and tingi (retail) sales are common.