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A biopsy revealed proliferation of UCHL-1-positive pleomorphic lymphoma cells associated with focal tissue necrosis.
Extravasation Resulting in Tissue Necrosis - Extravasation of YONDELIS, resulting in tissue necrosis requiring debridement, can occur.
The mechanism by which a nonvasoactive compound such as OxyContin causes tissue necrosis is not clear, but it is most likely a result of the inflammatory response to the crushed tablets.
There is abnormal calcium deposition in the walls of small vessels with subsequent ischemia and tissue necrosis.
The laser then delivered 5 watts of power through the fibers, causing tissue necrosis.
This ischemic skin study reported in the Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery indicates that the optimized protocol in the dermaPACE[TM] trial would be expected to protect and significantly improve blood flow to ischemic tissues in the ulcer area and minimize tissue necrosis, thereby creating a beneficial wound healing environment.
Infiltrations and extravasations are considered to be medical-dosing errors and, in severe cases, may result in tissue necrosis, loss of function, amputation or even death.
Histopathologic examination detected eosinophilic infiltration, hyphae in the submucosal tissues, and tissue necrosis.
During surgery, grayish necrotic fascia, extensive subcutaneous tissue necrosis, loss of resistance of the normally adherent superficial fascia to blunt dissection, and foul-smelling "dishwater" pus were noted.
This information will allow our treating physicians to view an image of the patients' prostate during the procedure, showing the heating effect and associated tissue necrosis resulting from our Cooled ThermoTherapy treatment in real-time.
Anesthesia precedes the development of the characteristic tissue necrosis.
Controlled heating of microscopic regions of tissue surrounding the needle tips results in microscopic regions of collagen denaturation without associated tissue necrosis (tissue death) or narrowing of the urinary tract.