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This great prince received me at my landing with all possible encomiums, and created me a NARDAC upon the spot, which is the highest title of honour among them.
In the centre of the upper table, were placed two chairs more elevated than the rest, for the master and mistress of the family, who presided over the scene of hospitality, and from doing so derived their Saxon title of honour, which signifies ``the Dividers of Bread.
The term "master" is the title of honour generally reserved for renowned tailors in South Asia.
The bearer of this year's title of honour will be announced in Milan's Brera district on 8 April 2014.
In fact, whilst the title Cardinal is a title of honour in the Roman Catholic Church, conferred by the Pope himself, the job of the Cardinals is to act as a collective body of advisors to the Pope.
Though each of us holds a title of honour president, prime minister, king we are bound by the one title we share," Obama said on a stage with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the leaders of Egypt and Jordan.
Strichpunkt will take home the 'Stylus' prize -- a type of challenge cup given to the agency for a year as a symbol of its title of honour, before being passed on to another excellent design agency the following year.