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Design a symmetrical aboriginal dreamtime dot-painting using the Tjukurpa or dreamtime symbols to tell a story;
Tjukurpa is existence itself, in the past, the present and the future.
Wild animals have deep meaning for the Anangu and form part of their religious interpretation of the surroundings and of life known as tjukurpa.
Two sinuous plans represent (or have come to do so) Liru and Kuniya, snakes from the mythology of Anangu, which watch each other warily across the central battlefield and face the southern face of Uluru on which their Tjukurpa (or tribal law - see footnote 1) is inscribed.
Through storytelling the text implicitly explains the multifaceted community framework for Anangu health, which includes being close to family, being on (or having access to) and looking after country, spiritual safety, being taught tjukurpa and knowledge from one's ancestors, and having access to bush foods, meats and medicines.
Tjukurpa consists of monoprints, collages and collographs, the starting point of which was a visit to the Central Desert area of Australia, in particular to the sacred Aboriginal site of Uluru (Ayers Rock).