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Poirier offers a weight of empirical evidence with pages of transcription of Tjukurrpa narrative, narratives of individual's dream events, the structure of rituals etc.
These are critical questions for the health of young desert men today because, as Myers indicated, it was at that moment of being held at initiation time that the moral and social power of the tjukurrpa (Dreaming) became directed to, and enacted in, all of desert society.
active knowledge of Tjukurrpa relevant to the land on which the community lies, and willingness to maintain this knowledge;
Unsurprisingly, the huge expanse of Wilkinkarra features extensively in the tjukurrpa (Dreaming) narratives of the major Aboriginal groups of this area--the Pintupi, whose territory lies mainly to the south of the lake, and the Kukatja, whose traditional land lies mainly to the north of it.
The author dismisses 'Dreamtime' as a 'nauseating' translation of Tjukurrpa (p.
Precedents exist in video production: working with Ernabella Video and Television (EVTV) video productions that document Tjukurrpa (creation stories and performances), Nell Turner (quoted by Batty 1993:112; my emphasis) found that
Muntja was a strong dreamer, a skillful storyteller and singer, who was particularly well-versed in Tjukurrpa stories and rituals, in sign language and sand drawings.
Firstly, Aboriginal names in the Western Desert may not always have an easily recognisable etymological meaning, but they are mostly associated with something which is part of a Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) or an associated place, and are therefore of restricted usage, even if not always of secret-sacred nature.