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eu top-level domain (TLD) registry, Marc Van Wesemael expresses candid opinions on Internet security, IPv6 and the upcoming TLD market liberalisation, ahead of .
In addition to deploying DNSSEC at the TLD zone level, Afilias' has initiated security actions resulting in .
For more information on Afilias' new TLD services, please visit http://www.
The new businesses we are starting confirm the correctness of that decision, thanks to which there are no conditions on the communications services we can offer," said Jose Luis Fernandez, general manager of TLD.
Our TLD has been one of the fastest growing in the last 2 years, and with this agreement we hope to provide a better service to our more than 40,000 users under a scheme of high availability", said Mr.
Organizations, corporations, and communities looking to work or partner with Afilias for their new TLD bid and application, can submit their interest directly to Afilias online at http://www.
hiv top-level domain, extending the influence of this first social cause TLD.
A TLD also helps to ensure that the internal online activity and exchange of information among a company's employees is secure.
Then, like now, the company's foundations were built upon its manufacturing plants in France which formed the core of what was subsequently forged into the TLD Group.
The TLD is expected to go live by early November 2001.
the world's largest ICANN accredited wholesale registrar, today released the initial results of its proprietary and free tracking tool, the eNom New TLD Watchlist, which has captured expressions of interest in new domain names from consumers since June of this year.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of tld chips of following sizes : ( square 3.