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TOFT. A place or piece of ground on which, a house formerly stood, which has been destroyed by accident or decay; it also signifies a messuage.

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BELLE VUE 36: Matej Zagar 9, Michael Palm Toft 8, Scott Nicholls 8, Richie Worrall 5+1, Craig Cook 4, Nathan Greaves 2, Lee Payne 0.
NEWCASTLE: Stuart Robson 11, Claes Nedermark 8, Christian Henry 6, Michael Palm Toft 6, Mark Lemon 4, Ludvig Lindgren 3, Paul Starke 1.
Nett: 1st Nicola Wainwright (Rhuddlan) 91-17-74, 2nd Rachel Wainwright (Rhuddlan) 85-11-74, 3rd Erin Toft (Northop) 90-16-74, 4th Ellena Alexandrou (Denbigh) 111-36-75, 5th Lea-Anne Bramwall (Abergele) 111-35-76, 6th Emma Pritchard (Abergele) 85-7=78.
Which was why Toft decided to go back to the semi-professional game.
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has said it will not be endorsing the Toft review's 23 recommendations.
Mr Toft replied: "Housing benefit cuts; intentions around Jobseekers' Allowance, moving people around JSA and basically saying to people that you need to find a job right away and there aren't any jobs to be able to do it.
Toft launched the FWD project in 1994 when he was director general, but it was scrapped last November following a six-month review by the FWD.
Toft says this forward-thinking attitude is demonstrated and fostered by the amount of time Riverside Products engineers spend in the field.
Laboratory studies on the quality of different food types have been conducted on several generalist predators such as spiders (Toft 1995; Toft & Wise 1999a) and carabid beetles (Bilde & Toft 1999).
In addition to the upgrade to the first F/A-18E/F WTT, the initial contract awarded to Link earlier in 2003 also calls for building one new F/A-18E/F Tactical Operational Flight Trainer (TOFT) and upgrading an existing F/A-18E/F TOFT with the company's SimuSphere visual system display.
Toft relies heavily on singing treatises but also includes information from contemporaneous letters and newspaper articles, especially performance reviews.
Drug Enforcement Administration in Colombia, for comment, Toft said: "To get somebody out there to do those operations, you almost have to have that shady past.