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One such device under study resembles a toilet plunger that attaches to the chest wall with a suction cup during CPR.
concerning a distance record for running with a toilet plunger attached to one's head.
As any instrument, car, toilet plunger, they can all be abused.
Roland Hunter is a businessman in West Vancouver and the inventor of the Single Octave Toilet Plunger.
A companion piece to the toilet brush is the new toilet plunger, which retails for $19.
As he was passing razor sharp knives, a spiked mace, a double-headed ax and a toilet plunger, he mentioned why the brothers didn't juggle chain saws anymore.
Undaunted by the lack of a pistol, mask or getaway car, our young entrepreneur simply grabbed what was handy -- a regulation, wooden-handled, rubber-suckered toilet plunger.
As the film opens we see Barry at a desk in an off-center, color-coordinated composition, making a phone call from his San Fernando Valley warehouse office (a "novelty" toilet plunger business) to verify the rules of a frequent-flier cross-promotion.
Another part of the campaign featured a 12-yard-high toilet plunger outside St.
She attends to all aspects of the theater's business and maintenance and is as comfortable around a prop gun as she is a nail gun, vacuum cleaner or, yes, the dreaded toilet plunger.