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Although he often pushes his instrument to emotional extremes it is never at the expense of tone quality, and the depth and versatility of his sound gives the viola real authority in all three of these works, - quite an achievement when only one of them was actually written for the instrument.
2: Tone quality may be poor and many of the notes are wrong, or the student did not finish the scale.
Stapleton insists that the tone quality issues that plagued the Internet a few years ago have been solved, and research firm InStat/MDR forecasts that 2.
These guitars are popular because they offer a timeless design, with flexibility and tone quality,'' Albertson said.
Wallace has a breathy tone quality, and he likes to slide around the beat with his phrasing.
Our data demonstrate conclusively that the production of normal, pure-tone songs does not depend on direct exposure to model songs with normal tone quality," they argue.
Indeed, it is his ability to convey a variety of moods and interpret the most demanding technical works while maintaining such enviable tone quality that has impressed audiences and critics alike from Vienna to Sao Paulo.
1 surround sound for pure, clear tone quality, extreme sound layering, and powerful vibrations for a theater-like experience.
There was fine playing from the principals on French horn, flute and oboe, but I found the tone quality of the prominent English horn solos somewhat harsh.
and judging from his captivating tone quality, it's no mystery why.
Candidates will be judged on stage presence, repertoire choices, interpretation, tone quality, diction, musicianship, acting and intonation.