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The Result toolbar and Truth Table Reporter (TTR) are items that do not appear on the Tools menu.
Under the Tools menu in Outlook you will find the Rules Wizard (or "Message Rules" ha Outlook Express).
Go to Explorer's Tools menu, select Internet Options and the General tab.
You can prevent this by doing the following: On the Tools menu, click "Options", click the "View" tab, and then clear the "Show Popup Menu Button" check box.
The new Scheduled Tasks function in the Tools menu allows you to display the status of your scheduled reports, including last run date and result, and edit or delete schedules.
To stop them on IE, go to the tools menu, click Internet Options and head to the Advanced tab.
Sydney, Nov 7 ( ANI ): Google has rolled out its revamped search pages that give results more space by shifting the tools menu to the top of the screen.
If you still have problems, open Internet Explorer 9, go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options; press the Alt key if you do not see the menus.
Here's how to find the icon in Excel 2003: In the Tools menu, select Customize.
him It, too, creates an additional option on the Tools menu, called Find Links (see screenshot below).
To do that, open the Tools menu, then Internet Options, then click the Use Current button, then click OK.

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