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him It, too, creates an additional option on the Tools menu, called Find Links (see screenshot below).
In MS Word, why is the Tracking Changes function under the Tools menu instead of the Edit menu?
The latest version of Internet Explorer has a blocker to stop them in the Tools menu.
The User Role setting can be found under the Tools Menu.
If you use Internet Explorer, check out the Privacy section by going to the Tools menu, select Internet Options, then click on the Privacy tab.
To change your default format, select Options from the Tools menu.
For a list of trusted CAs in Internet Explorer, for example, go to the Tools menu, choose Internet Options, then select the Content tab and click on the Certificates button.
The Tools menu has links to great troubleshooting aids like the System Configuration Utility, System File Checker, Registry Checker, Automatic Skip Driver Agent, Update Wizard Uninstall, Dr.
Geared toward large-scale development shops that want to customize Perforce, a Configurable Tools menu is available for users to write scripts to access Perforce.
Go to the Tools menu and look for Options or Preferences, then something to do with your Mail or the delivery of it.
Under the Tools menu choose Internet Assistant Wizard.
Sydney, Nov 7 ( ANI ): Google has rolled out its revamped search pages that give results more space by shifting the tools menu to the top of the screen.

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