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He was on duty at a surgery in Southsea, Hants, in September 1998 when Bradley arrived for four fillings and two milk tooth extractions.
These symptoms may occur spontaneously, or more commonly, at the site of previous trauma, including tooth extraction.
We even offer same-day dentures at time of tooth extraction so patients don't have the embarrassment of going without teeth during the healing process.
His actions on the day 10-year-old Darren Denholm,\of Armadale, West Lothian, died after a routine tooth extraction at Peffermill Clinic, Edinburgh, are also being investigated.
Anaesthetist John Evans-Appiah - who was in charge of administering gas to Darren for a routine tooth extraction - earlier told the inquiry that he thought the clinic had discussed emergencies with Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
The cases include a mom who lost her teeth to surgery in 1997 and has been toothless ever since; a woman whose teeth are falling out due to the affects of diabetes; a woman who suffers from severe migraines and toothaches and is in desperate need of a tooth extraction and dentures; a woman who has lost multiple teeth during her lifetime and is in need of dentures and a young man with an impacted and infected wisdom tooth that causes tremendous pain and needs to be removed.
A DENTIST yesterday told how a 10-year-old boy, who died after a routine tooth extraction, had to be held down during the operation when his legs jerked violently.
And he revealed that he had broken off all contact with Evans-Appiah since Darren died during a routine tooth extraction.
When pulp damage is extensive and cannot be reversed, the only way a dentist can stop the pain has been traditionally to remove the pulp by root canal surgery or tooth extraction.
Evans-Appiah was also responsible for giving anaesthesia to a 10-year-old boy who died after a tooth extraction went wrong, Miss Poulet said.
Darren had gone to the Peffermill Dental Centre in Craigmillar, Edinburgh, for a routine tooth extraction.
Dressing Aids in Tooth Extraction and Oral Wound Care