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After seating the patient, the student surveyed the patient about tooth sensitivity.
They were over three times more likely to visit the dentist due to complaining of tooth sensitivity and pain than their non-affected peers.
The Er: Yag laser can reduce tooth sensitivity in just one treatment although re-treatment may be necessary in time with some patients.
Tooth sensitivity affects one in four adults, although it often comes and goes over time.
According to the American Dental Association, overbleaching can cause tooth sensitivity and gum inflammation.
Early signs of acid erosion include tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold food and drinks and a slight yellow appearance as the tooth enamel becomes thinner and the underlying dentine shows through.
The main clinical characteristics are extensive loss of tooth tissue, poor aesthetics, and tooth sensitivity.
Q: Many menopausal women report a high degree of tooth sensitivity during menopause.
Using too much bleach can cause extreme tooth sensitivity.
Grinding can cause serious probs--broken or cracked teeth, gum problems, tooth sensitivity and even loose teeth.
Pearl Drops Advanced Whitening Sensitive has been developed to appeal to people who want whiter, shinier teeth but worry about tooth sensitivity.
NEW YORK -- Colgate-Palmolive proudly introduces Colgate[R] Sensitive Pro-Relief[TM] toothpaste, a major advance in the treatment of tooth sensitivity.