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In our topical antibiotic treatment, we swabbed on an over-the-counter, human oral antibiotic rinse (Rincinol[TM], GUM, Chicago, IL) to completely cover (thin layer and the same amount on each fish) the incision site.
That topical antibiotics often make little difference, and are ineffective against viruses
Topical antibiotic treatment is not necessary, since secondary bacterial infection is rare (3).
In cases of positive cultures, but in the absence of clinical signs of keratitis, topical antibiotic solutions were administered for prophylaxis three times a day, according to susceptibility testing.
Oral and topical antibiotics - these can relieve the signs associated with rosacea such as pustules and papules.
In some cases, miliaria might also require the application of a topical antibiotic.
The animals were isolated from the herd, and teat lesions were treated with glycerine and a topical antibiotic, while the milker received medication at a nearby hospital.
She might prescribe a topical antibiotic cream, or pierce the pesky lump to relieve pressure.
If the topical antibiotic does not work, ask your doctor whether a topical agent containing both benzoyl peroxide and antibiotic erythromycin would suit her.
Retin-A and topical antibiotic preparations, available by prescription, are also useful.
Lipophilic (oil-based) topical antibiotic products are occlusive and can compromise drug delivery.