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Vireo Systems wants to caution users that AminoActiv topical cream is not a substitute for sunscreen; anyone exposed to the sun's rays should always wear sunscreen with an SPF 30 or better rating.
Taro's fluorouracil cream is a prescription pharmaceutical product used for topical treatment of multiple actinic or solar keratoses and superficial basal cell carcinomas, and is bioequivalent to Efudex[R] Topical Cream 5% of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International.
Promiseb[TM] Topical Cream is contraindicated in persons with a known hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation.
The 60-count capsule bottle and topical cream tube now come in container boxes, allowing for more product information to be communicated at the point of sale.
Topricin[R] is a topical cream that can be applied as often as is necessary to address all pain levels.
Further, this topical cream can be manufactured inexpensively and has a wide range of applications beyond pure anti-inflammatory treatment.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted for filing the New Drug Application (NDA) for the use of ivermectin topical cream as a treatment for head lice infestations in children and adults.
The completion of our two Phase 3 clinical trials is a critical milestone in our development of ivermectin topical cream as a potential head lice treatment and for Topaz, as we continue to move closer to realizing our vision of being a commercial-stage company.
Bob's combination of business development experience as well as his expertise in successfully introducing new medicines into the commercial market is a great fit for Topaz as we prepare to report Phase 3 data on ivermectin topical cream for the treatment of head lice.
CRx-191 is a novel synergistic combination drug candidate which is planned to enter clinical development as a topical cream for the treatment of psoriasis and other steroid-responsive dermatoses.
Denavir 1% penciclovir topical cream is a safe and effective medicine when used as directed.
A topical cream is used to numb the areas before the Juvederm is injected.