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You have taken away her confidence - she feels her life has been torn apart.
Torn apart by war: Tom Neathway, one of the soldiers featured in the BBC programme Wounded.
Over the bridge in New Orleans, he shows a city torn apart because of levee breeches.
Today he is down where he belongs, with his party torn apart and his election campaign in tatters.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Acknowledging their respect for the humanitarian efforts of Mercy Corps, and their wish to contribute to "families torn apart by this tragedy," the Tulalip Tribes today presented a check for $150,000 to Mercy Corps founder, Dan O'Neill, and nationally respected journalist and relief worker, Margaret Larson.
Even The Stones is a fantastic epic, set in a land torn apart by war.
Orpheus Suite," 2002-2003, is dedicated to the mythological poet and musician who, although torn apart by Dionysus's maenads, lives, according to O'Reilly, "in the sound of forests, rivers, winds, and the voice of the arts.
Scientists have suggested that the rings may be the shattered remains of one or more bodies that once resided in an icy reservoir at the outskirts of the solar system but were captured and torn apart by Saturn's gravity about 100 million years ago.
The car cleared the four-foot foam and concrete cushioning wall and crashed into the catch fence, where it was torn apart.
The legends, the business of the hagiographers, begin with his birth: born in a boxcar while his mother was traveling on a train through Siberia; raised in the margins of a nation torn apart by World War II and the Cold War; early recognition in the world-famous school and company of Leningrad's Kirov Ballet; the cloak-and-dagger defection from the touring Kirov in June 1961 on the tarmac in Paris, which ignited a media firestorm that would spook him the rest of his life.
THE family of millionaire singing star Charlotte Church's is being torn apart by her refusal to dump the "bit of rough" boyfriend hawking secrets about her.
Rachell Howzell Hall's debut novel, A Quiet Storm, is the compelling story of a young woman whose life is torn apart by her sister's mental illness and her parents' refusal to acknowledge or understand it.