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tobbi (38), others (5) Hani i Elezit, n = 50 Dragash, n = 30 Peje, n = 8 Gjakove, n = 37 Total, N = 1,086 * SFSV, sandfly fever Sicilian virus; TOSV, Toscana virus.
Epidemiologic relationship between Toscana virus infection and Leishmania infantum due to common exposure to Phlebotomus perniciosus sandfly vector.
Prevalence of Toscana virus antibodies in residents of two Ionian islands, Greece.
Laboratory diagnosis of Toscana virus infection by enzyme immunoassay with recombinant viral nucleoprotein.
Toscana virus in United States citizen returning from Italy.
Meningitis by Toscana virus in Spain: description of 17 cases [in Spanish].
To test these specimens for Toscana virus RNA and phlebovirus RNA, we used 10 [micro]L of cDNA in the previously described assays (12,13).
Toscana virus (TOSV) is an arthropodbome virus first isolated in 1971 in central Italy from the sandfly Phlebotomus perniciosus, then from Ph.
Charrel RN, Izri A, Temmam S, de Lamballerie X, Parola E Toscana virus RNA in Sergentomyia minuta flies.
To the Editor: Toscana virus (TOSV) (family Bunyaviridae, genus Phlebovirus) is an arthropodborne virus transmitted by sandflies.
Other arboviruses circulating in Europe that are not recognized in the United Kingdom include Toscana virus, bluetongue virus, and African horse sickness virus, which was probably introduced into Spain after the importation of infected horses.