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The Office of Administration projects that total state revenues will not exceed the total state revenue limit in Fiscal Years 2009 or 2010.
The sum of those state wages (from all W-2s) must match the total state wages amount on the return (unless statutory employee).
The schools receive $47 billion of our total state budget.
Total state membership o numbers nave remained consistently between 60 and 65 A core of active and dedicated teachers makes the above events possible along with Vermont MTA's generous advertisers and sponsors.
An individual's total state income tax burden increases in situations in which a higher-rate nonresident tax is not fully credited against the individual's resident lower-rate tax on the same income.
The company won a significant amount of the shares auctioned, which was 40 percent of the total state energy business available in the auction.
Thus, whereas corporate income taxes account for less than 20 percent of total state and local tax revenues, in 2003 aggregate business taxes (including business property taxes, sales and use taxes on business inputs, and business excise and gross receipts taxes, as well as income taxes) exceeded 40 percent of all state and local taxes.
The extended probe by the Commission covers a total state aid package to Alstom worth 4.
Budget benchmark: Total state budget $10 billion, total general fund $3 billion, total number of state employees 36,308.
While the secretary of education was required to review and approve each stare's education reform plan, we were keenly aware that Goals 2000 provided less than 1 percent of total state education expenditures and worked hard to ensure that the peer review of a state's plans recognized the limits this imposed.
Cambodia spends between 30% and 40% of annual total state expenditure on military affairs.