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Science tames society and produces a totalitarian government in which a population of slaves loves its servitude.
Aso, a former prime minister who currently doubles as finance minister, has already withdrawn the remarks, regretting he had caused "misinterpretation" by holding up as an example the totalitarian government controlled by Adolf Hitler during World War II.
International observers have long predicted the collapse of North Korea; with a totalitarian government, failed economy, and few friends in the international community, there seems little reason to expect otherwise.
And here's something else, a guaranteed wager: Winston Smith, the suffering protagonist in George Orwell's "Nineteen Eight-Four," would trade every aspect of the society dreamed up for him by the sadistic totalitarian government in place of a ban on sugary drinks in 16-ounce cups any day.
It is a shame what the government does; they operate as a totalitarian government with their cuts that are affecting everyone, especially in the public sector.
The longstanding logic has been that sanctions are necessary to suffocate the totalitarian government of Fidel and Raul Castro.
The book ends with an analysis of Hanna Arendt's claim that modern totalitarian government had banished common sense and replaced it with "abstract logic" that imposed axiomatic beliefs on society with no regard for actual circumstances.
Strangers save a thief, Digger, 16, from danger but then embroil her in their plot to overthrow a totalitarian government and its brutal religious inquisition.
The dangers of hope are made clear in "beyond," which can be read as a reaction to the end of totalitarian government in Romania since the "beyond" of Vienna, Budapest, and Belgrade "made possible the day still to come.
Duhaime also observes that "Our country is slowly moving from being a democratic society where decisions are made by elected officials towards one ruled by a totalitarian government of judges" Christopher Dawson observed this same phenomenon and offered a reason for its emergence: ".
A masked anarchist sets out to undermine Britain's totalitarian government and wreak revenge on his old enemies 2005 ***
These countries were or are under totalitarian government, but the people there demanding reform are citing, in part, the ever-increasing economic gap between the elites, the haves, and the citizenry, the have-nots.