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While the symbol of the totalitarian regime is destroyed, Finch asks Evey for V's identity.
The works, from the private avant-garde art Collection Marinko Sudac, were "actually created as opposition to totalitarian regimes, notably those social and political systems that Galeb represents," Franceschi noted.
Another weakness is represented by the low-standard laws that regulate performance of the official media and limiting their articles to ensuring longer survival of a totalitarian regime.
The irony is that, for these totalitarian regimes, the last thing they would wish for is a democratically elected Palestine on their borders.
Air-brushing names out of history is usually associated with the sort of ruthless totalitarian regimes that seek to conceal uncomfrotable truths.
It is not ideologies, he argues, but social conditions that lead to totalitarian regimes.
Warsaw -- Cases of clergy collaboration with totalitarian regimes in occupied countries are nothing new.
The practice of totalitarian regimes secretly spying on their citizens leads from secret spies to secret police, to secret torture, to secret prisons.
A favorite tactic of brutal totalitarian regimes, disappearance in and of itself has been found to amount to torture or ill-treatment of the disappeared person and of the families and communities deprived of any information about the missing person.
Many totalitarian regimes tried and failed with disastrous consequences.
Typical totalitarian regimes can at least be expected to act in their own self-interest, however rotten the results may be for their citizenry, but the Burmese ruling junta is less predictable and often seems to act out simply to demonstrate a malevolent indifference to world opinion.
They are a reminder of the perils of extremism and totalitarian regimes.