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In the book, LaHaye asserts that "secular humanists" have taken control of all American institutions, including public schools and universities, the political system, the news media and the entertainment industry, with the aim of driving Christianity from American life and creating a totalitarian state -- themes that rebound in "Left Behind.
The demise of Hassan al-Turabi does not mean the end of the totalitarian state in the Sudan, though it demarcates the first decade of the Islamists' project and provides one instance from which one can investigate and appraise the practice, disposition, and consequences of the regime.
To hold that "no parent living in a totalitarian state has sufficient liberty to represent and to serve the true, best interests of his own child in the United States--likely would have significant consequences for the President's conduct of our Nation's international affairs: such a rule would focus not on the qualities of the particular parent, but on the qualities of the government of the parent's country," read the ruling.
To many people, George Orwell's 1984 epitomizes loss of privacy, in which a totalitarian state uses complete control of the media to maintain its power over the populace.
The author treats the concentration camps "as a subject of consciousness of the victims and of the entire population of the totalitarian state, including the people who operated the camps.
In his book 1984, George Orwell described a totalitarian state where Big Brother monitored every person's movements and government employees, such as Winston Smith, worked in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth, rewriting and altering records of the past.
In Angelin Preljocaj's stunning Romeo and Juliet, love is overshadowed by the totalitarian state in which this production is set.
The Cold War showed that if a democracy and a dictatorship engage each other, the totalitarian state will be invariably forced to reform.
To Christanto, Indonesia's totalitarian state, with its longtime reign of fear and repression, has created a culture wrecked by a dehumanizing violence tantamount to genocide.
He does quote isolationist prophecies of disaster in that period--intervention will "impose a dictatorship and turn us into a totalitarian state," said Oswald Garrison Villard; "no longer will this be a free land," said Burton K.
The wholly centralized totalitarian state was the exclusive source of funding for excavations and publications, and as such made much of the cult of earlier traditions in order to increase its own glorification.