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Legutko points out what most citizens of formerly communist Central Europe know and what most Western intellectuals refuse to learn to this day: that the totalitarian temptation affected not only Lenin or Stalin, but a number of individuals in the West who contributed mightily to the direction their societies have taken between the 1960s and the present day.
Liberal Fascism: The Totalitarian Temptation from Mussolini to Hillary Clinton
Will Canada be able to resist the totalitarian temptation that has been assailing it for some years now?
The swift victory over the Taliban in Afghanistan and now the destruction of the Baath regime in Iraq, without any effective response from al Qaeda, have significantly weakened the standing of that group but not eliminated the totalitarian temptation.
As is now notorious, he even composed a "list" of literary and political figures whom he suspected of succumbing to the totalitarian temptation.
In a number of essays published in the 1970s and 1980s -- notably Without Marx or Jesus (1970), The Totalitarian Temptation (1976), and How Democracies Perish (1983) -- he argued that although democracy is patently superior to other forms of human organisation, Western democracies have been reluctant to acknowledge, let alone exploit, their advantages; this reluctance has led them to favour appeasement toward inherently inferior but more determined enemies.