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The totems have been funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
Dual Totem The Dual Totem provides one frame with dual, triple, or quadruple portrait displays to create a video wall in locations where video wall mounts are not permitted, or to create a video wall in an area where there are no walls nearby to create a wall display.
We created patterned totems to place in-between each learning totem, to simulate chapter breaks in the state curriculum.
Crambo Latinoamerica's sister Company, Crambo Visuales, one of Spain's leading specialists the in audio-visual services and a global provider of Digital Signage, will launch its new technology brand: Retual, featuring two new indoor video totems - the CRK-147 and CRK-147T.
Well, now we do know because the Metro totems are there for all to see in an installation supported by North Tyneside Council as part of its cultural and community engagement programme running alongside the refurbishment of the station.
Eventually, the totems needed to be replaced, so a new copy of one was carved by Tlingit artist carver Tommy Jimmy in 1978.
Totems from seaside locations are perhaps the most desirable, no doubt because they remind us most of our favourite train journeys.
That totem pole, a symbolic telling of the Bish family story on an 8-foot white pine log, was crafted by Paul Niejadlik, art teacher, and all 524 students at Converse Middle School in Palmer.
Research on totems not only deepened my understanding of their meaning and value within the Native American culture of the Pacific Northwest, but also made me curious about contemporary totem forms.
Her most expensive works are kept in the back yard: Totem poles carved from Douglas fir.
Totems To Turquoise: Native North American Jewelry Arts Of The Northwest And Southwest is a lavish artbook filled cover-to-cover with full-color photographs not only of beautiful Native American jewelry, but also portraits of the individual artists crafters who create it.
Haisla photographer Arthur Renwick's exhibition of black-and-white photo diptychs, Totem Hysteria, paired totem poles from the Northwest Coast with various commercial representations of totems (primarily signs and sandwich boards advertising businesses such as Totem Audio Video, Totem Auto Body, and Totem Super Star Gold Bingo).