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But in Touch Wood, as in the work of Carl Phillips, such refractions often culminate in full illumination.
Each TOUCH WOOD handset features its own distinctive grain patterns and natural coloring.
Touch Wood uses simple traditional woodcraft techniques to engage members of the local community.
Touch wood, I've never had to use the Great North Air Ambulance Service myself, but they do a great job.
Cancer affects everyone in some form or another and the frightening statistics mean even though I, touch wood, have never been affected by breast cancer, at some point in my life I probably will be.
It keeps me well and, touch wood, I haven't been ill since taking it regularly.
Last season was a blow but, touch wood, I won't have any more injuries.
And now they've written OffOur Rockers--and into trouble (2004, Touch Wood Editions, www.
Since then - touch wood - the comeback has gone well and I feel great.
Tenders are invited for Supply of cat b store (Varnish, Touch wood polish 1 Ltr pack, Fire AXE with handle superior quality, Steiner Pink 200 Ml, Steiner green 200 ml, Etc.
Danny will be laid up for a few weeks but, touch wood, he will be okay.
We lose players like Chamakh and Gervinho to the Africa Cup of Nations so hopefully, touch wood, we do not get any injuries to our strikers.