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If it ever is built, Councillor Kay''s name, Tower of Babel, will do nicely.
The 'real' Tower of Babel is called the Etemenanki ziggurat, and was formed by stacking seven square structures of diminishing size one above the other with a small temple on top.
IN the Bible, the tower of Babel was a giant structure that the men who built it hoped would reach Heaven.
I think about this film when I read the story of the Tower of Babel.
The Clinton-inspired executive order continued in force by Bush that all sorts of services must be available in foreign tongues is creating a modern tower of Babel.
Surely We do not need to remind you of the notable failures of years past caused by inattention to the Acquisition Scrolls, to include that high-rise Tower of Babel fiasco and the Philistines' "Big Man Army of One" concept.
Thus CPAs can easily store this virtual Tower of Babel of financial information, and clients can easily access it any time of the day or night via a Web site without any special technology.
So embedded in Western lore is the subject of Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder's famous painting featured below that we recognize it at once as the Tower of Babel, evoking the account in Genesis 11:1-9 of how human accord was divinely mutated into linguistic pandemonium and cultural fragmentation.
East San Fernando Valley Councilwoman Wendy Greuel, who has spearheaded the effort, said she wants to replace a cumbersome, noncommunicative setup, which some call ``the Tower of Babel,'' with a coordinated effort.
Scholars believe that it served as the model for the Bible's Tower of Babel.
Problem is, the thinkers care only to listen to themselves, and their proud modern-day Tower of Babel quickly collapses into an earsplitting babble of noise.