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It is not known when ravens, which are generally regarded as birds of ill omen, first came to the Tower of London, but their presence is protected by a legend that if they should leave the tower would fall.
The Earl of Northumberland was also arrested and transferred to the Tower of London because of his familial links with the plotter.
It gives you the appetite to explore the historic sites at ground level, such as the Tower of London which, as I discovered, has more to it than just a state prison and jewellery box.
REVEALING Liz flashes a thigh earlier this month in New York; BUST WATCH IT Setting out from home in pink dress; Tower of London 6:19 pm Yesterday
That hill is where the Tower of London now stands and the story goes that while it remains there,Britain will be protected from invasion.
15am when warden Brian Canderton, a Beefeater at the Tower Of London, will officially open the appeal, along with BBC local radio presenter Annie Othen.
Tower of London, 2,615,170 visitors; Canterbury Cathedral, 1,613,000; Windsor Castle, 1,129,629; St Paul's Cathedral, 964,737; Roman Baths and Pump Room, Bath, 933,489; Warwick Castle, 789,000; Stonehenge, Wiltshire, 772,963; Hampton Court Palace, south London, 643,226; Leeds Castle, Kent, 584,670; Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, 489,672.
The pigeons, who perch in and around Nelson's towering column, are as much a part of the capital's life as the ravens at the Tower of London.
FUZZ PRIZE: The Tower of London, right, and, above, kepi and curls; WAXED WONDERS: Three of the entries in the championships; STUBBLE: Hansen
CROXTETH Hall has joined the Tower of London to hold a top education accolade for quarter of a century.
A YOUNG raven which was found injured on Anglesey and then landed a job at the Tower of London, should have a name by next week.
A MUMMIFIED rat appeared alongside the Domesday Book in a new exhibition at the Tower of London yesterday.