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In a government survey, a square tract of land six miles on each side, constituting thirty-six square miles. In some states, the name given to the political subdivision of a county.



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In addition, the trustees and Langlotz-Johnson will receive more township bus ridership data before a decision is made.
In addition, the township has gone beyond the Consent Agreement by: Negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement.
Guevara, however, pointed out that some of the projects available in the market today were deemed to be too small to be called true townships.
As part of our aggressive township expansion across the country, we are happy to announce our entry into Pampanga," said Megaworld senior vice president Jericho Go.
He was talking to the PDA officers and elite of the township during visit of the area.
While the case has been in and out of the court system since 2010, this is the first time that the Anderson Township Board of Trustees has appealed a decision.
Many townships have office, retail and residential spaces.
The High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption says most townships have been built on the basis of "fake documents".
Just as some states do not have township governments, there are differences among the states with townships regarding their authority and functions.
The largest numeric decline was seen in North Township of Lake County, losing 5,081 people.
Judson says the township has applied for FedNor funding to pay for the second phase.
In many respects tenancy in Cramahe was typical of tenancy in other settled townships throughout the province.