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Gastric decontamination is recommended in toxic dose exposures, especially within one hour of toxic ingestions (31).
Thus, multiple intragastric administrations of pesticide decis in toxic dose promoted to regularly reduction in activity of enzymes dipeptidase, amylase, invertase, aklkaline phosphatase in all sites of the small intestine in all times of investigation, and enzyme inhibition was more marked in the proximal part than in the distal part of the small intestine.
In summary, colistin administration in low toxic doses leads to moderate nephrotoxicity whereas high toxic doses lead to severe nephrotoxicity.
These isolated compounds show the greatest MMP inhibitory effect of MMPs at minimal toxic dose levels.
An NTI drug is one whose dosage must be carefully administered and monitored because there is very little difference in what makes an effective dose and what could be a toxic dose.
Unexpectedly, no ACET was found in the serum despite the patient's ingestion of a toxic dose of the drug.
Rats exposed to a single minimally toxic dose of carbon tetrachloride (0.
The sheep challenged at the end of the administration period were resistant to an acute toxic dose but those challenged 15 and 45 days post the resistance induction regime succumbed to an acutely toxic dose (GRECCO et al.
The theory is we want to treat the trees with a toxic dose for most of the adult insects," Mr.
An inquest yesterday heard Mark Butler took eight times the fatal amount of ecstasy and almost four times the toxic dose of cocaine.
The presentation on each therapeutic drug is consistent in format, including structure, classification, formulation where important, use, mechanism of action, therapeutic dose, toxic dose, toxicokinetics, clinical presentation, laboratory, and treatment.
This is especially true because a very small increment in the toxic dose can cause a steep response," Giesy explained.