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The TRACELESS System marker materials can be mixed with inks, dry inks, varnishes and other items for analog and digital printing, as well as paper pulp, plastics, powders, pigments, liquids, and textiles.
In the above, problems were created because one ignores that the electromagnetic energy-stress tensor is traceless, but the massive energy-stress tensor is not.
To make one's relation to the geopolitical world-system abysmally traceless is to be even more ironically above it all.
No human tracker will be able to follow up the movement of this man's traceless passage.
We include a gap for corresponding to the subject for illustrative purposes only without making any claims about the reality of syntactic traces (see Sag and Fodor 1994 for arguments for a traceless approach to extraction).
Her hazy origins and almost traceless "disappearance" differentiate Larsen from the other authors of the Harlem Renaissance, but not from the characters of her own novels.
Promoting the art of "forgetting" in the practice of Chan, they admonish their disciples that seeking the meaning of awakening through the mere pursuit of the masters' words is as futile as the hound's tracing the traceless antelope (16: 117; 17: 134).
For example, Bosisio can now offer Kodak's Security Solutions portfolio in combination with FLEXCEL NX or rotogravure printing solutions, plus the KODAK TRACELESS AD Solution for anti-diversion protection on the final packaging line, thus offering range of brand management products and services for shelf impact, along with overt and covert security for brand and consumer protection.
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He [victim] is still traceless but what is worrying us is that there has been no ransom calls till date.
11) corresponds to rest-mass energy, while the distortion relation is traceless and thus massless, and corresponds to shear transverse waves.
It reframes the repeated efforts, now extending over several generations, to produce the types of works that present themselves as sheer durations, traceless encounters, dissolving materials, pointless exercises, invisible procedures, secret operations, and willed forgetfulness.