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If the domestic price of any tradable good increases due to a short-term shortage, the good can be quickly imported as UAE is an open economy.
A tradable good or service is one that can be sold outside of the metropolitan area in which it is produced.
Like the prices of any tradable good, the prices of stocks are driven by supply and demand.
In all, he stated, "Not a single one of these jobs produces a tradable good or service that can be exported or serve as an import substitute to help reduce the massive and growing U.
ends up packaging the tradable good with a nontraded good, that is, the
A rise in foreign demand for the domestic tradable good, for example, is likely to be associated with exchange rate appreciation and expansion in the domestic tradable goods sector.
3) Because they are an important avenue for national and international shocks to spill into regional economies, smaller tradable good employment shares may reduce the linkages between national and regional economies (B&K).
The relative price of a tradable good in terms of non-tradables is determined on the basis of labour employment decisions in both sectors of the economy.
In the urban region, there are three sectors: the urban industry sector, which produces a tradable good ([X.
At the same time, as discussed below, real appreciation, through the loss of competitiveness of the economy and lower investment profitability in the tradable goods sectors, may have contributed to a poor growth performance.
There is clear evidence that the UAE's competitiveness has been eroded by the recent appreciation of the USD, and that this has had an impact on tourist demand for tradable goods.
Muhammad Shakeel Munir, Senior Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry also appreciated the Pak-China move to re-negotiate tariff lessening on tradable goods under the Free Trade Agreement (FTA).