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The four chapters discuss types, capacity development through education, policy efforts related to quality assurance practices, and the inclusion of education in the General Agreements on Trade in Services, making it a tradable service and requiring regulation.
It aims to encourage increased cross-border co-operation to promote higher levels of Research & Innovation (R&I) in the development of new products, processes and tradable services.
In such economies, tradable services cannot absorb more than a fraction of the labor supply.
As for the long-term measures, the paper suggests raising the level of investment in manufacturing and tradable services.
Noting that Latin America will find it difficult to compete either in the high-tech manufacturing sector or in labor-intensive production and is thus in a classic middle income trap situation, he presents two key recommendations: that Latin American countries protect their commodities against the uncertainty of volatility by diversifying and by creating crosslinks of higher value added for them and that they allocate resources and efforts to the development of international tradable services, infrastructure, and sovereign wealth funds.
Typically, non-tradable services (plumbers, construction workers etc) and the upper echelons of tradable services (commodities brokers, high-end research etc) go on to do well.