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Kate Cruse, a UK and European trade mark attorney based at the Liverpool office, said that as a firm, Forresters looks out for and supports young entrepreneurs.
A registered trade mark can last indefinitely, provided the registration is renewed every ten years, whilst a registered design can last for up to 25 years, provided it is renewed every five years.
There are several options when it comes to multi-jurisdictional trade marks filings.
The Sunrise period--for each new gTLD launched, there is a 30-day period during which rights holders who have submitted their trade mark information to the TMCH can register a domain name (e.
We submit that whilst there may be a mere sentimental objection or mere distaste to NUCKIN FUTS, this is not a sufficient ground for rejection of the Trade Mark, particularly since a substantial number of people would not find the words shocking," the submission to the Examiner said.
On 13 April 2004 Racing-Live SAS filed an application for registration of a Community Trade Mark (CTM).
We are glad the issue has been resolved to our satisfaction and we now intend to refocus our efforts and concentrate our minds on growing our business now that we have the protection a trade mark affords.
A trade mark can be seen as a badge of origin for a business that distinctively represents your goods or services.
These trade marks cover far more than you may first think.
LFC already has trade marks on "This is Anfield" and the words "You'll Never Walk Alone" above the club's logo.
Registering the mark gives the business the right to sue for trade mark infringement.