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Freely a most civil, obliging young man, and intelligent to a surprising degree for a confectioner; well-principled, too, for in giving her useful hints about choosing sugars he had thrown much light on the dishonesty of other tradesmen.
He mistrusted the queer- ness of the people; yet, by then, even the town children had left off calling after him, and the tradesmen served him without a word.
They were undoubtedly noblemen, merchants, attorneys, tradesmen, stock-jobbers - the Eupatrids and the common-places of society - men of leisure and men actively engaged in affairs of their own - conducting business upon their own responsibility.
Tradesmen book orders, and then lose interest and forget to deliver the goods.
Law makes one man a slave, another free, 6; whether just or not, 9; at Thebes respecting tradesmen, 75; nothing should be done contrary to it, 160 Law and government, their
It's mostly merchants who buy them, and rich tradesmen.
Beside Petya stood a peasant woman, a footman, two tradesmen, and a discharged soldier.
I ask you what, as a husband and a father, I am to do when gentlemen come to me and say, `Do as you like, Mawmsey; but if you vote against us, I shall get my groceries elsewhere: when I sugar my liquor I like to feel that I am benefiting the country by maintaining tradesmen of the right color.
In this book we find plain, everyday people, people of the great middle class of merchants and tradesmen and others of like calling, to which Chaucer himself belonged.
The tradesmen, sent for in each case and questioned, referred to their books.
If my own servant could not believe my innocence, how could I hope to make it good before twelve foolish tradesmen in a jury-box?
I suppose none but tradesmen and grasiers ever call here.