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They missed the freedom, indulgence, and familiarity of the old French trading houses, and did not relish the sober exactness, reserve, and method of the new- comers.
Scenes of drunkeness, brutality, and brawl were the consequence, in the Indian villages and around the trading houses; while bloody feuds took place between rival trading parties when they happened to encounter each other in the lawless depths of the wilderness.
These were distributed at various trading posts, established far and wide on the interior lakes and rivers, at immense distances from each other, and in the heart of trackless countries and savage tribes.
His probation was generally passed at the interior trading posts; removed for years from civilized society, leading a life almost as wild and precarious as the savages around him; exposed to the severities of a northern winter, often suffering from a scarcity of food, and sometimes destitute for a long time of both bread and salt.
Here two or three of the leading partners from Montreal proceeded once a year to meet the partners from the various trading posts of the wilderness, to discuss the affairs of the company during the preceding year, and to arrange plans for the future.
The latter, being an exception to the trading roles rather than a reciprocally negotiated benefit, was put into practice solely at the discretion of the developed countries.
Unwilling to allow the market to correct itself, they refuse to permit any of our trading partners to suffer an economic setback, and they use U.
Indeed, Porter says that in the year since the dual listing, he has seen little change in how Cadence's stock trades, but quickly explains that's at least in part because Securities and Exchange (SEC) regulations continue to give the NYSE an advantage in the trading of listed stocks.
Our trading relationship with Jordan has already borne considerable fruit; the U.
The most serious criminal charge against her is not perjury or insider trading but securities fraud, based on the fact that she denied to the press, personally and through her lawyers, that she had engaged in insider trading.
In a typical corporate trading transaction, some or all of the net cash available from the disposition of the asset is assigned by the seller to the corporate trading company.
Partners and staff face tough decisions when managing the insider trading risk inherent in the freedom to buy and sell securities.