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Currently about 31 percent of boomers are engaged at work compared with 38 percent of traditionalists, 30 percent of Gen X workers and 28 percent of millennials, Gallup reported.
VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis may have been named Time magazine's Person of the Year, but he has come under scathing criticism from a growing number of traditionalist Catholics for cracking down on a religious order that celebrates the old Latin Mass.
The breakthrough came after a majority of traditionalist Anglicans, who had opposed the ordination of women, indicated they were now satisfied with new arrangements offered to protect parishes and clergy that do not accept women as priests or bishops on theological grounds.
And Meyer had already antagonized the most devout traditionalists, Russell Kirk and Meyer's friend and colleague Brent Bozell Jr.
Complex negotiations have centred on the arrangements where a woman bishop is appointed but traditionalist parishes reject her authority.
The dispute centres on how far the Church of England should accommodate traditionalist parishes who object to the appointment of a woman bishop in their diocese.
These generations like to work as a team more than the Traditionalists or Boomers.
Earlier this month, three serving and two retired traditionalist Anglican bishops announced they would be among the first to leave the Church of England in order to accept an offer from Pope Benedict XVI.
But supporters of women bishops expressed dismay at what they saw as the archbishops' support for traditionalists.
For example, Xers and Millenials tend to think Traditionalists are slow with technology and consequently do not have the patience to teach Traditionalists about various technologies in use.
Ahmadi-nejad's recent moves to sever ties with traditionalists and so-called bazaaris are designed to position him for his presidential reelection bid in 2009.