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Detailed presentation was given to trainees by Employment Exchange officials about career counselling and urged trainees to register themselves in Employment Exchange.
To equip trainees with a conducive EE, it is vital to have a quality assessment tool.
While the number of trainee secondary-school teachers has been rising, the rate of growth has been nowhere near as fast as the government wants.
Chief executive of Kibble, Jim Gillespie, said: "I am delighted to welcome the first six trainees to our new programme, People Can Care.
I welcome the progressive stance of High Representative Mogherini on this issue, and now the support of the EU budgetary authorities for my recommendation that trainees in EU foreign delegations be paid.
Employers taking trainees on can also decide on an individual basis if they want to pay trainees for their time, or offer free meals on shift for their time.
Each appraiser who signs an appraisal report is accountable, which means that both supervisors and trainees are potentially liable for deficiencies in the report.
Supervision of trainees, therefore, supports professional development and reinforces learning.
Karen Meggitt, head of employee development and NewLaw's training principal, said: "We're fortunate to be in a position to take on four trainees this year.
Other findings showed that two thirds of trainees are working under excessive pressure, with a substantial majority saying this was down to insufficient trainee numbers.
Using this concept, trainees also learn how to fight in an undeveloped environment.
As the encounters are relatively short and take place in daily routine settings, it is reasonable to have trainees evaluated by different supervisors at different occasions on different patients during their residency program.