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TRAITOR, crimes. One guilty of treason.
     2. The punishment of a traitor is death.

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So, speeding homeward from that traitor, he made ready his boat, and with his wife and three sons and two daughters and Havelok, they set sail upon the high sea, fleeing for their lives.
And of all that afterward befell Havelok and Goldboru, of how they went to Denmark and overcame the traitor there, and received the kingdom; and of how they returned again to England, and of how Godrich was punished, you must read for yourselves in the book of Havelok the Dane.
The ultra-nationalists chanted slogans such as 'tramps, traitors, politicians' and 'traitor supporters of federation,' exploiting the media presence to secure some much-needed publicity.
DVD accuses Republicans and people of a 'minor religion',' which he doesn't name, of being traitors (Chronicle Letters, November 24).
In mathematical terms, 57 percent of Turkish voters are viewed as traitors, according to Erdoy-an, as only 43 percent supported his party in the March elections.
THE leaders of the 1916 Rising were traitors to their own cause, an outspoken Senator claimed yesterday.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Palestinian resistance executed 18 traitors who had collaborated with the Israeli enemy after conducting revolutionary, military trials against the defendants.
Summary: Shiite scholar Sayyed Ali Fadlallah Sunday criticized Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai's announcement that he was trying to bring back those Lebanese who had fled to Israel in 2000, saying that they were traitors.
Tony Benn was also class 'traitor' KENNETH Jarrett's categorising of Conservatives as either genuine upper class Tories or class traitors is very simplistic as well as being no doubt deliberately insulting (Letters, May 5).
However, if the logic from Zajas is implemented on other Albanians that voted for other parties, then it seems that Albanians from Tetovo who voted for BDI are also traitors because PDSH leader Menduh Thaci is from Tetovo and the same logic goes for the Albanians from Gostivar who voted for BDI although RDK's leader is from Gostivar.
A SENIOR legislator has lashed out at people who labelled MPs traitors for approving the GCC security pact.
Replying to a question about General Pervez Musharraf case, he said that very bad results would come forth of calling the army chief a traitor, those who join hands with enemy/enemies of the country were called traitors, what the sepoy sitting in Siachen would think when his chief being called traitor and then photographs of this "traitor (ghaddar) would be removed from all army units.