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The statistics show that people of Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta, Lahore and Faisalabad use most tranquilizers respectively; the proportion of anti-stress drug use in these cities was 28% in 2012, which increased to 31% in 2013 and climbed by 35% to 40% during two early months of this year.
The system will include all entities licensed to use tranquilizers, and will be linked with beneficiaries to enable the SFDA to control and follow up on these medications, according to the source.
Tone is able to weave together sources such as newspaper accounts, popular media representations, and letters from consumers to give us images of Americans devouring tranquilizers at midcentury.
One interesting theme in the book describes the undercurrent of concern within scientific and popular circles about the potential for dependence and serious withdrawal effects from long-term use of tranquilizers.
Far from an irrational solution to contemporary problems, Miltown and the "me too" tranquilizers that followed it (based upon the same chemical formulation tweaked slightly to avoid patent infringements) could be a reasonable alternative: "the question in many Americans' minds in the 1950s may have been, Why not take a tranquilizer?
As reported by HealthDayNews, these family caregivers experience significant anxiety and depression upon institutionalization of a relative with dementia; their use of tranquilizers for anxiety increases, and nearly half of the caregivers in the study were at risk for developing clinical depression.
Tranquilizers and barbiturates are used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, and sleep disorders.
Treatments that participants rated as least effective and most harmful given potential side effects were taking various types of antidepressants, antiseizure medications, and tranquilizers.
A 37-year-old man arrested for allegedly stabbing eight children to death Friday at an elementary school in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, has changed his account and said he did not take tranquilizers before storming the school, investigative sources said Tuesday.
And, when the study ended, the participants showed no signs of dependency, unlike what often happens with prescription tranquilizers like Xanax.
The 74 "distressed" men had abused alcohol air either regularly used tranquilizers or consulted a psychiatrist.
It's not your budget that's as much in danger as your bones if you're using certain prescription tranquilizers.